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Patchwork: Lloyd and Lola Complete

Well, I am really happy with this quilt, and so is Fred (despite the fact that it way too hot to use it now - but that's another story 😄)!

Here are some "in progress" shots. I found it really useful to cut out all the pieces for this one and label them up. It makes the construction so much easier, especially if you haven't got a dedicated sewing space and need to pack away.

I have kept the quilting pretty simple: I don't have the machine or skills to do beautifully fancy free motion quilting, so I have sewn a few stitch-in-the-ditch and also outlined all of the Pom poms, which really make them pop. I added in a little cross hatching quilting on their blankets, and I was considering adding a Pom Pom trim to the bottom of the blanket but talked myself out of it.

The back of the quilt is plain black, as is the majority of the binding, although I added in some of the same fabric used in the quilt on one side for a little variation. On the last quilt I made I machin…

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