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Life: February 2019

February began with a large amount of snowfall in a very short space of time rendering me unable to go to work one day (the joys of being able to work from home)! Wellington does seem to be one of those places that is situated just right for snow - twenty miles in either direction hardly saw any snowfall.
Well, I made the most of that snowy weekend to go for a beautiful snowy walk. Walking through calf-length snow certainly gives your legs a good workout. I just love how quiet the world is when it snows, it's what Sundays used to be like in the good old days!!

I have started sewing a tunic dress from a Burda pattern. It's very simple, but I'm at the point where I'm not sure I like it anymore! However, it is so nearly complete, I will finish it and review it again then. Does this ever happen to anyone else? 
The other big thing that happened in February was a trip to New York, but more about that in a separate post!
Love Mrs Jones x

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