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Food: 3 Ways with Strawberries

My little strawberry patch is producing lots of lovely sweet fruit. It's just an old cold frame which was re-purposed after our large Maine Coon, Atticus broke one of the (luckily plastic) panels. I think this is the third year of strawberries and I have not really needed to tend to it that much.
So, much as we all love strawberries, I am starting to have to get a little inventive with them! So, if you want to step up your strawberries and cream repertoire, look no further!
Strawberry Fro-Yo You can adapt this recipe to suit your taste and yield of strawberries. Weigh your strawberries and use half that weight of yoghurt.

Ingredients Strawberries (frozen) 450g - see below Yoghurt 225g Maple Syrup or similar 3tbsp or to suit your taste
Method I chopped and froze my strawberries for a couple of hours before adding them with the yoghurt in a liquidiser. Blitz until smooth, then add the syrup. 
Mix well before pouring into containers to freeze. You could eat a portion before freezing 😉! 
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