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Bake: Chocolate Brioche Knots

It's nearly time for Great British Bake Off, and to get me in the mood, I decided to make some chocolate brioche. It was quite an altruistic move as I'm not keen on chocolate breakfast items.

I used this Nutella Brioche Swirl recipe from the Sainsburys magazine which requires you to make the dough the night before in order to prove overnight in the fridge. Well, work is pretty darned stressful at the moment, so there was no way I was going to make the dough by hand. So Friday evening saw me throw all the ingredients in the bread maker and switching on the dough setting. 
Saturday morning, all I had to do was roll the dough into six rectangles, spread with chocolate spread and cut and twist into a knot. 

After a 45 minute second prove, they cooked for 20 minutes at 180C. I think I could have done with turning my oven down slightly, as they have caught a little in places.
Amendments: I omitted the chopped hazelnuts (my boys don't love nuts) and the egg wash glaze. 
Verdict: well,…

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