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A while ago I paid for a weeks's worth of Search Ads on my Etsy store, as a promotion exercise. I just wanted to see what sort of results it would come up with, and I thought I would share the results with you. My Etsy store has just 12 items in it ranging from jewellery to nursery cushions.

You can choose to use all of your tags in the ads or edit them as you see fit.

So, for 6.51 dollars (about £4), I had over 8,000 impressions, but only 14 views and 2 favourites. However, I don't know whether it was a coincidence, but shortly after I had a query about one of my cushions from a US customer who wanted two and then bought them.

My results weren't great but as each item and search term is broken down over impressions and views, I can now see where items need better tags and descriptions and what doesn't. Once my shop is fully stocked I may try it again.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. It is difficult to gage whether it has an effect or not. I tried them too with equally unimpressive results. Maybe the a few of the customers that got an impression will now remember your name, so that when they look again, you are already familiar

  2. Interesting results- thanks for sharing, I'd be interested to know what happens the second time round when you've updated some of your tags and added more stock.


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