Gooseberry Fool

I have trawled the internet on the basic recipe for gooseberry fool, and there are so many variations, some with greek yoghurt, creme fraiche, others with elderflower. So I took the things I liked from the different recipes and this is the result.

250g gooseberries
Caster sugar
300g double or whipping cream
Icing sugar
Raspberries (optional)

1. Rinse the gooseberries and top and tail them and pop them in a saucepan

2. Add 4-5 dessert spoons of caster sugar. I added three at the start and a couple more to taste as the gooseberries cooked. Cook on a low heat. If your gooseberries are taking a while to burst and the pan is a little dry, you can add a little water.

3. Start mashing the mixture with a potato masher. When the gooseberry concotion is bubbling and is relatively consistent texture. Take off the heat.

4. Have a sieve ready over a bowl and pour the gooseberries into it. This gets rid of all the pips etc.

5. Wait for this to cool then pop in the fridge.

6. In a separate bowl add the cream and 2-3 dessert spoons of icing sugar. Whisk until it holds its shape.

7. To assemble, you can either mix the two bowls together, or what I have done is first add a couple of spoonfuls of the cream in the bottom of a glass, then add the same of the gooseberry mix. Then mix the remaining bowls together and pour in the top. Top it off with a raspberry and some icing sugar.

Now, I still have roughly 200g of gooseberries left, so I am going to have to find another recipe!

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. My martini glasses are Schott Zweisel and you can get similar here.


  1. I adore gooseberry fool. I tend to use a mix of creme fraiche and custard, but your version sounds scrumptious. Love the idea of adding a few raspberries. :)

    Rosie. x

  2. Thanks Rosie. I am imagine the custard would make it taste lovely.

  3. Ooh fabulous! We picked goosberries last weekend and I also made a fool, like yours but without the icing sugar. I added a drop of homemade elderflower cordial to the cream, yummy! Beautiful serving glasses :) Hx


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