Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Following on from the drawstring bag that I made in June, I thought I would post a tutorial. In this tutorial I am making a little bag for my sunglasses.

1.If you are making this for something specific, you do need to measure it first (!) and add 10 cm to the length. Cut out two pieces of fabric to the required size and iron. Then, with the back of the fabric facing, fold about 5cm length in iron, as the image shows.
 2. Then fold the top of the fabric down by 2.5cm and press, then fold it once more to make the tube for the ribbon or cord to go through. Iron well and do the same for the other piece of fabric. Stitch along the bottom edge of the fold on each piece of fabric in turn.
 3. Then place the two pieces of fabric pattern sides together and pin. Start sewing below the folds right round to the fold on the other side. Cut the corners off the bottom and turn right side out.

 4. Pin a large safety pin to your ribbon or cord and start feeding it through the tubes, using the safety pin as a shuttle. Once the two ribbon ends are together, tie a tight knot. Iron the bag again - ironing at each stage is essential for a professional look.
 5. Cute and stylish drawstring bag, that you can make in every size imaginable!
Love Mrs Jones x


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