About Me

I love craft!

I have always been creative: at work, I am the one who does the Christmas decorations, making snowflakes for the windows and I am always asked to make a card or wrap a present! I started out a year or so ago, by making and selling jewellery, but I always had a yearning for more. In 2012, I was given a sewing machine and now I can't live without it. I am currently venturing into dressmaking and patchwork quilting.

I married young and gained my degree in Psychology with the Open University whilst I was working full time and starting a family. Sewing and other crafts are what I love doing most.

Blogging is one of the best things that I have taken up, and I love it. My blog features crafts, recipes, my work, and little excerpts from my life, although I no longer run my little handmade business.

I live in Somerset, UK in a small town with my two boys (15 and 19), my husband and my beautiful Maine Coon cat, Atticus, who you may occasionally see photobombing my images!

Love Mrs Jones x

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