Kitty Cat Craft Round Up

Now and again, you may see pictures of my wonderful Maine Coon, Atticus, popping up here. I have a very soft spot for cats and here are some of my favourite cat related crafts.

Cosy Cat Coaster by Honeybee Cloths

How sweet are these kitties? Hop on over to Honeybee Cloths for a free pattern (she also sells a kit with everything included to make these). Do be sure to have a good old browse of those fantastic fabrics while you are over there!

Cat Lady Embroidery Patterns by The Pink Samurai

The Pink Samurai has created this set of Crazy Cat Lady embroidery patterns (for personal use only) that are so cute! If you love these, you will love her other cat-centric DIY posts too.

DIY Cat Toe Shoes by Scathingly Brilliant, featured at Kittenhood

I am dying (diying) to have a go at this project, I am just waiting for the right pair of shoes (kitten heels?)! 

Cat Plantpot by Brudiy

Anna from BruDiy has a brilliant eye for style and detail with this cat planters made from soft drink bottles. I have fallen in love with her beautiful crochet bears (see her shop for details).

Please note: all images belong to the original blog owners - see links for details.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. My dad had a Maine Coon cat for a while. Well actually Willis (the cat's name) adopted him. One day Willis decided he didn't want to live with the new puppy anymore, so he moved into my dads house! My dad spoilt that cat!


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