Book Review: Great British Sewing Bee - Sew Your Own Wardrobe by Tessa Eveleigh

This book accompanies the hugely popular, second series of the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee which was extended as the sewing bug takes hold in the UK.  The format of the book is as the TV programme focussed on Fabric, Fit and Finish with projects for each category.

The Fabric section looks at sewing with different types of fabric, for example, silk, wool, etc., with sewing patterns and fabric masterclass(es) for that particular fabric. I love this feature because although I am inordinately confident with sewing safe as houses cotton, I haven't the first clue about sewing with silk.

Knowing how to Fit a garment to one's own bodily idiosyncracies is key. It is the difference between something you have made and something you will want to wear again and again. I love the guide to how to measure yourself and need a copy of this for my sewing room wall. 

The Finish section regards the polishing of a garment, for example, knowing how to sew a French seam, and tackles some of the trickier techniques such as applique and piping.

All of these sections have projects in a variety of difficulty ratings, so there is nothing to stop you heading straight to the Finish section and trying something there.

There are some super patterns included in the book. My favourites are the Draped Top which took me about an hour to sew (coming soon), the Full Skirted Dress and the 1930s blouse. The instructions and accompanying full colour diagrams are really clear and concise and easy to follow.

I am so pleased that there is an accompanying pattern pack with this book, although you will still need tracing paper to trace these off. I wish that this book had been published when I first began garment sewing, because there are so many good patterns and techniques, and is suitable for sewers of all abilities.

The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe is available with the pattern pack for just £12 on Amazon (affiliate link).

Love Mrs Jones x


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