Summer Pudding

First of all, apologies for the photo which looks more like a massacre than a summer pudding. I knew I should have photographed the pudding in its entirety rather than a slice. But it was delicious! The idea of bread in a pudding put me off trying it for years, but it is my husband's favourite pudding, and I have come to like it too.
Fred helped me make this, and he thought that he had to mash the fruit in the pan, hence the unidentifyable fruit goo! 

Summer fruit - either 3 - 4 punnets of fruit (not strawberries) or use a frozen summer fruit mix. I used half frozen and half fresh.
220g sugar
White bread with the crusts off
You also need a pudding basin

1. Prepare any fresh fruit to remove any extra such as stalks or leaves.

2. Tip all your fruit into a heavy based pan and add the sugar. At this point it looks as though someone had been shot in the snow, but keep stirring and the juice of the fruit will come out. Let it bubble for a little until the sugar has dissolved and is a syrupy texture. Let it cool.

3. Meanwhile, cut a piece of bread to cover the base of the basin. Cut wide strips of bread and place around the side of the dish. Don't worry if there is a gap as they will swell a little anyway.

4. Pour the cooled fruit mixture into the breaded basin. Add more bread to the top.

5. Get a plate or saucer to put on top of the basin with something heavy to weigh it down, and place in the fridge for 4-5 hours or overnight.

6. When you serve, run a knife around the edge. Tip the bowl upside down over a plate, tap it and it should come out.

7. Serve with cream.

Love Mrs Jones x


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