The Footstool Project

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have been working on transforming this horrible stool into a footstool. My goodness, how ugly it is with its dirty tweed top and nasty varnished legs.
For the project, I adapted a tutorial from Elizabeth at Eighteenth Centrury Agrarian Business. You have to scroll down the post to get to the tutorial, but there are beautiful diagrams and full instructions on how to do it.

For my footstool, I added a cushion pad, as there is next to no padding currently and worked out my measurements from this.The fabric is some  fabric that I have had for about four years, and is Laura Ashley Mitford Check in biscuit/charcoal (I had some curtains in it and was planning on making a blind), and they are still selling it, just in case you are interested!

If you are going to follow Elizabeth's tutorial, you are going to need to pack the children and pets off out of the house and concentrate. It took me a while to do all the measuring, cutting, ironing, seams etc. Once I had all the fabric stitched together, I then made the buttons and tabs (first time I have ever made a buttonhole) and sewed those on. My final job is yet to be done - the hems.
Hmmm, well it looks like it needs ironing again, but it is so much better than the ugly stool.

Love Mrs Jones x


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