A Birthday Card and other Projects

On my day off yesterday, I spent the whole morning cleaning and tidying my lounge. I changed my sofa covers from winter terracotta to summer cream and everything is now in order. My bookshelf has now been colour themed - it looks so much tidier:
I also started transforming this ugly stool into a comfortable foot stool - but that will be another post:
Tomorrow is my step mother (to be)'s birthday, and so I made her a cute little fabric card. In another project I learnt how that when you sew a piece of fabric onto interfacing, then turn it inside out, it can make a really neat little panel, and I used that technique on this card to make presents.
When you sew the interfacing on, make sure your fabric is wrong side against the interfacing. Sew all four sides Then pinch the interfacing away from the fabric and make a little cut ( you can make a big cut - it won't matter). Bring the fabric through the hole, pushing out at the corners, so you should now have your little shapes right side up. Iron, and you can then use as you wish. The first one I did, I used as a needle panel in the travel sewing case.

My little shapes are not perfect - I squeezed making this card between coming home from work and cooking dinner. I thought they look sweet as little presents, and it is a great way of using tiny scraps up. And see how easily this will translate into Christmas cards nearer the time.

Love Mrs Jones x


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