Valentine's Day 2012

I have been with my husband for twenty years and we had a lovely evening together yesterday. We have never been into doing anything much for Valentines Day, but yesterday just struck me as amusing when I looked back on it.

At breakfast
She said: The chocolates were meant for your birthday, but I bought you too much for that anyway.

He said: Your chocolates were nice ones from Waitrose.

They open their cards – his was a card from Mrs Eliot Books, hers a card with a dozen red roses on it.

That evening

She said: I wasn’t going to spend £20 on a supermarket meal deal just for Valentine’s Day, [even though she lusted after the fresh rose petals that you could have as a side].

She said: I bought this chicken dinner with mushrooms and raspberry panacotta for pudding.

He said: Did you buy any pink champagne? I’ll go and get some.

She said: Don’t buy anything too expensive.

He said: Oh no, don’t worry I’m not going to buy champagne, just cava or something.

Meanwhile, she sets the table with a lovely white table runner and a bowl of floating candles, and starts cooking the dinner.

He returns with a £6 bottle of Cava, the hint about the rose petals was lost on him. She thinks she might get them on special offer tomorrow anyway.

By the time they sit and eat, the floating candles are all out and the cat sits at the end of the table glaring at the chicken with mushroom.

The children are shooed up to bed, while he selects Midnight in Paris on BT Vision. They sit on separate sofas, sipping cava, and then she falls asleep halfway through the film.

Love Mrs Jones x


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