Quick Card for a Man

Is this an unusual title for a blog post? Probably, but anyone who has to buy cards for men, be they partners, Dads, Nephews etc, knows how difficult it is to get a suitable card. So, I have a quick solution for a smart card for a man, and this one will almost certainly be going to my father in law who is 80 this weekend (my husband is sure to have forgotten to buy a card!).
 I started with a card blank and cut a rectangle from some paper and rounded the corners. Then glued (pritt stick or similar) this paper onto the card. I used a contrasting paper from the same paper pack and cut the same length rectangle but much narrower and stuck that on top of the previous rectangle.
 Then, using a small blank tag (mine were from Docrafts) I cut out a section of a really old map and glued this to the tag. I didn't holepunch it as I was in a hurry, but you could. Then I printed a Happy Birthday from my computer - the capital letters are in Edwardian font and the rest Lucida Handwriting.  Again I rounded the corner and glued it onto the map.
Finally I used some large sticky dots to attach the tag at an angle in the centre of the card. So quick - it will take you under five minutes, and of course you can totally adapt for a woman's card. 

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. Ordnance Survey aren't happy for maps to be used in crafting where it is subsequently sold, so do check it out if you are planning on making these other than for your own use.


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