My Valentine Selection

Well, it isn't long now until Valentines Day, so I thought I would show you what I have in my shop that would be suitable for your girlfriend, wife, lover etc in your life. And don't forget, that as it is a leap year, a girl is permitted to ask her boyfriend to marry her!

Valentine Earrings Turquoise shell & bow earrings
Silver Blue & Heart Bracelet Rose Quartz Bracelet
Silver & Blue Heart Necklace Nude Two Strand Pearl Bracelet
Okay, so from top left:
1. Valentines Earrings with Rose Quartz beads - so romantic!
2. Antique silver bow and turquoise shell heart earrings
3. Silvery blue bracelet with open heart detail (matches the necklace directly below)
4. Rose Quartz bracelet
5. Silvery blue necklace with open heart details (see above for bracelet)
6. Pale pink (almost nude) pearl two strand bracelet.

As always in these treasuries, you can click on the image and will be swiftly transported to my shop. And if you buy any of these items and quote "Mrs Jones Blog", I will refund your postage!

Love ? x


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