Make up bag III

Really got into the swing of these make up bags now, so I have one more to show you. I also bought myself a dress pattern today, but no fabric for it yet, so I am eager to make a start on that. But for now, take a look at my third make up bag. The dimensions are 23cm by 14cm.
Front: Love this gorgeous bird fabric! You may just be able to make out the three sequins I hand stitched on.

Reverse: This is the reverse side, but pretty all the same.

Lining: This bright mustard lining looks great.
I am taking them to work this week, as a colleague has shown an interest in buying one, and then I'm going to list them in my Etsy store.

EDIT: This one has been sold, but contact me at if you want one like it. I have all my make up bags for sale here.
Love Mrs Jones x


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