Midweek Montage

I haven't done a Folksy Friday in a while, and I just feel like doing one today! I have been given a huge bag of cooking apples from my Dad's orchard as well as some plums. The orchard belonged to my grandad and when each grandchild was born he planted a fruit tree, and so thirty to forty years later, the trees are mature and bearing lots of fruit. I would love to have the space to do this.

Made to Make Kitsch Apples Bunting
Blue Fox Wood Little Bird Too
Gravel Hill Design Grandma’s Miniature Market

From top left: Apples & Pears Collage from Made to Make, Kitsch Apple Bunting from Handmade by Katy in Cornwall, Red Apple Needle Case from Blue Fox Wood, Apple & Pear card from Little Birdie Too, Bird Apple Feeder from Gravel Hill Designs and a Crate of Red Apples from Grandma's Miniature Market.


  1. Ooo I love apples, lovely selection :)

    Leanne x x


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