Exploring Earrings

Well, I've done bracelets, and necklaces, but why have I not started on earrings until now? Well, the truth lies in the fact that although I had my ears pierced as a teenager, I had let them grow over for the last ten or so years. I will spare you the details of my self-repiercing (it did hurt, but not that much) but the upside is that earrings will now feature here too!
Green coin earrings
This is the first pair that I made using my own design (I originally bought an inexpensive kit from Madison Beads in Taunton). [Prop - liquer glass from LSA)
Long oval link earrings
I bought some oval chain from my local garden centre (it's amazing what they sell that isn't garden related) which I "dissected" to obtain a pair of double links. Note: the photo doesn't show them as quite even, but they actually are.


  1. Earrings look great - maybe one for my birthday list x

  2. Absolutely. I have a gorgeous pair of green Swarovski hearts that are dying to be made into earrings - if that's your colour!


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