Banana Ice-cream

Over the weekend I made some easy peasy banana ice-cream using my adaption of Nigel Slater's recipe. It reminds me of making your own baby food and is a great way of using up bananas that are so black and bruised that no-one will eat them.

  • 4 medium very ripe bananas
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 500ml double or whipping cream


Peel and chop the bananas and put in a liquidiser or food processor with the sugar.


Add the cream and continue to blend until smooth.

Pour into a freezer proof box and freeze.

After an hour or so, when ice crystals begin to form mix into the centre.

Leave overnight to freeze properly.

When you are ready to serve, it does benefit from removing from the freezer ahead of time. This is great on its own, or with dulce du leche in a mock banoffee, or with chocolate sauce and nuts as a banana split.

Sorry that there is no photo, it doesn't look very photogenic in a plastic container!


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