Life: Food Waste Challenge Week 3

Reducing the food waste is in some ways becoming easier, however in other ways it is becoming a chore to always be using up what needs eating. And knowing that for some people, this would be a place of privileged, this makes me feel horrible and even more determined to reduce the waste.

Case in point was today's lunch of cold chicken (bought sliced and pre-cooked) salad, which I neither wanted or enjoyed, but I was set on that chicken not going to waste.

Roast chicken with roast potatoes (yes, the same potatoes from last week - peeled this time as they really are past their prime), with carrots and the last of a cabbage, shredded.

Actual food waste: potato skins, carrot skins (my husband prepared these and isn't on-board with the compleat thing).

No food waste used or generated.

If there are only the three of us eating a roast, I always plan on incorporating leftovers into another meal in my meal plan. This time there was a little leftover chicken, which was combined with red pepper, carrot and onion and cooked in teriyaki sauce (I'm ashamed to say it is dated 2018 - but it's basically just salt, right?). I served this with noodles.

Actual food waste: pepper stalk and seeds, carrot end, onion skin.

No food waste used or generated.

Salmon fillets with leeks and mushroom. I had planned to use my salmon stash from the freezer but the fresh salmon was yellow stickered to just 89p. This recipe used up half an onion and the mushrooms leftover from last week.

Actual food waste: some fish skin, onion peel, garlic peel, outer leaf of leek.

No food waste used or generated.

A step too far for me but my husband had a breakfast of stewed apples and slightly out of date custard.

Poached egg on toast with the last of the home frozen spinach and some griddled tomatoes that were over-ripe.

We have friends over for dinner so am serving crudités and dips, followed by Moroccan Roast Chicken with Root Vegetable Couscous (my image at the top of the page), pitta and salad. I love this recipe as it is so easy and all the vegetables are whole. It’s quite difficult to get the balance portion wise right with this as I don’t want my guests to be hungry, so I feel I did over-cater.

There are leftovers of chicken and couscous (wrapped and refrigerated) as well as crudités and dips (refrigerated) and some crisps (boxed). All this can be eaten for lunches over the next couple of days.

Actual food waste: onion skin, garlic peel, chicken carcass, some pitta, lemon peel.

Love Mrs Jones x


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