Patchwork: Lloyd and Lola Progress

This week, Fred reminded me that his Lloyd and Lola quilt was going to be ready for Christmas. Hmm, I don't remember specifying which Christmas 😉! But, I definitely need to crack on with it! I feel like starting something new.

I finished the quilt top a month or so back. Once the face is done, it is actually quite a quick sew. And it's just been hanging about waiting for me to buy the wadding and quilt back. I discovered this recycled plastic wadding online from Cotton Patch Fabrics - this really appeals to me ethically. It feels super soft and is an absolute dream to sew with. The only downside is that it feels a little thinner than the normal wadding I use. The other consideration is that it is pale green in colour, which is fine for my quilt but might show through on a very pale quilt.

Atticus gives the recycled plastic batting his approval!

For this quilt, I have also used safety pins rather than normal pins to hold the quilt layers together - why didn't I do this sooner - it's so much easier!! Although, they're not as easy to whip out when you sew near one. 

I even am using Aurifil thread for the quilting. I still feel like I am learning even though I have made lots of  quilts before. And now, I am slowly doing the quilting. Unfortunately, as Fred is revising and using the dining room table, I am tucked away sewing on a tiny corner desk in Albert's room. On sunny days like today, I'm wondering if I might be better off lugging my sewing machine outside on the garden table.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. What a beautiful quilt! And a sweet kitty helper too. :)


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