Sewn: Make Up Remover Pads

This is probably up there with one of the stranger things I have sewn, but I am slowly trying to make more ethical choices and currently my make up removal involves disposable wipes in a plastic pouch. So, I bought some make up remover in a bottle, which is still plastic but can be recycled. I am still looking for a more Eco alternative (glass bottle maybe) and may even look to make my own - any suggestions gratefully received.

However, the wipe part is easy to rectify. I have just run up some really simple rectangles of fabric. The fabric is 100% cotton and is fairly thick (tea towel weight). It was originally a table runner - (reuse)! I have only made one batch so far to see how they hold up and how they feel on my face. Part of me wonders whether a batch of jersey knit ones might feel better, but they are unlikely to hold their shape so well. 

This is probably like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but the instructions are:

~Cut two rectangles of fabric and pin right sides together.
~Sew three sides (leaving a short side unsewn).
~Cut the two end corners and turn right way out. Iron.
~Fold in the open end, press and pin in place.
~Sew a little way from the edge to secure the open end. For neatness, sew all four sides.

So, I will use these and chuck them in the wash to see how they fare and report back!

Love Mrs Jones x


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