Patchwork: Quilt-a-long 2017 - Spinning Tops and Mothers Own

Spinning Top (left), Mothers Own (right)

Finally finished the final two blocks of the 2017 Fat Quarter Shop Quiltalong! Never again will I participate in making anything with such tiny blocks (I probably should have quit way back in February or March last year when I wasn't enjoying making them). It really has involved hours of work and I'm not sure it was worth it.

Playing with the blocks for a final layout is the fun part though. There does seem to be a bit of a disparity between the block sizes, but hopefully this will all come out in the wash!

Once I am happy with the layout, I stack the blocks and pin a post-it note to the first block in the row. I need this structure to my sewing!

First row complete with spacers, but before trimming. Watch this space!

Love Mrs Jones x


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