Sewn: Winter's Lane Christmas Stocking

I recently pulled out all my old scraps from my Winter's Lane quilt to make a Christmas stocking. I have made stockings before but they were mostly decorative and wouldn't fit many gifts, so this time I traced around an old shop-bought stocking on some baking parchment. 

I built up strips of fabric, two inches wide (they were literally the scrap ends of the layer cake). Sadly I didn't have enough to do both sides, but I did have three pieces of fabric in the same line, and that looks fine for the back. 

I have padded the front of the stocking and lined it to give it more structure and to make it sturdier (and Atticus thinks it is nice and comfortable 🙄)!

The request was for me to sew the name on the front, but my embroidery is not that great and I have no lettering functionality on my sewing machine, so I experimented by making a fabric tag with a laundry marker to scribe the name - I think it has worked okay.

What Christmas sewing have you done?

Love Mrs Jones x


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