Sewn: Cat Draught Excluder

Albert was home for reading week and I offered to make him a draught excluder for his uni house. Obviously, it had to be a cat one as he misses Atticus so much! A draught excluder is such an easy sew and makes a huge amount of difference to the warmth of your room. Even if you haven't got much money, you could make one from a pair of old trousers and stuff the leg with fabric scraps (or even newspaper).

I made this from some leftover fabric from a quilt backing and some toy stuffing because I have a huge sack full left from making this apple pie ottoman

I haven't gone to town with the decoration - it literally took under an hour from start to finish. One tip though, is not to put the opening for the stuffing at the short end - it makes it much trickier to stuff. 

Love Mrs Jones x


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