Patchwork: Lloyd and Lola - Llama!

This week, I have been continuing with the Lloyd and Lola quilt. Sewing is a great activity when it is cold and rainy, and generally autumnal outside. Although, starting with the llama face was rage-inducing: the pieces are so tiny and I had to unpick a couple of seams (which reminds me, I have still lost my seam ripper)! I may have cursed a little and thrown it across the table.

But, you can't deny that it doesn't look cute! My mum thought it looked like a cat (before it had ears) - no it is definitely llama-ish.

The llama body was so much easier than its face, which is a relief. I tried to pick out the same colour palette as the pom pom trim for the poncho and will use the same fabrics for the second llama.

So, I'm not sure whether this is Lloyd or Lola, but I think I am making good progress. I need to pedal back a little and revisit the missing blocks for the quiltalong before I move onto the second llama.


Mrs Jones x


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