Life: September 2016

Well, the summer just flew by didn't it. We enjoyed what was probably our last holiday as a family unit of four because my eldest, Albert is shortly off to university. I seriously don't remember needing to organise so much stuff when I went to uni all those years ago, but perhaps I was as blissfully unaware as Albert is! He achieved A*, A, B in his A levels which was over the requirement to get onto his Geography degree at Birmingham uni. We are so proud of him!

And, as kids do, he decided that actually he would like me to make him a quilt to take with him after all, so I am frantically sewing that in the beautiful Park Fragmental fabric range (above), and I will post all about that another time.

I am loving the return of GBBO, and made a lemon drizzle cake after the first episode:

This was all that was left by day two!!

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. I know what you mean about the summer flying by, I'm not posted in ages until tonight. Well done Albert! x


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