Sewn: Travel Lens Pouch

Next weekend, I am off on a long weekend to Bruges. We are travelling light - hand luggage only on the flight as it makes it so much quicker when you have such precious time somewhere. Last time I did a similar trip to Venice, I struggled with what to do with my camera lenses. I didn't want to lug my whole camera bag around but still wanted some protection for the lenses.

So, this time, I have made myself a padded pouch which is large enough to take either of my lenses. It just has a simple drawstring closure.

Although it is a quick make, it is quite fiddly sewing the wadding and fabric to the wadded circle at the base. I didn't use any tutorial, just made it up in my own inimitable fashion!!

The fabric is a leftover piece from my dressing gown. As it fits so well with the Le Challenge theme of Blossom, I am submitting it over there. Check out everyone else's makes.

Mrs Jones X


  1. have a great trip, working on my own camera bag right now, and going off my own design it is a little intimidating, this turned out pretty.

    1. Oh, will you post it on your blog when you have finished? I will be sure to check it out.



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