Sewn: Cat Bed Cushion

My kitchen is currently having a facelift (more about that in another post) and is looking lovely and fresh. Unfortunately, the cushion that sits in the cat basket was really looking grim in the light of the redecoration - anyone with a semi long-haired cat will know just how much fur they shed! So, I whipped up a new cushion this morning. Is it mean to have used this caged bird fabric?

I always had a bit of a sticking point with round cushions in the past, but it came together quite nicely. This may have been because I used a round tray as a template.

I even used the automatic buttonhole function on my sewing machine (something else which I have struggled with in the past).

I did try to get Atticus to pose for me on his new cushion, but everything has to be on his terms! 

I am linking up with Le Challenge this month, because the theme is Round. Do check out what everyone else has been up to.
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Mrs Jones X

Note: the elevated cat bed is from Pets at Home.


  1. I think the fabric is just darling for your furkid.

    1. The fabric came from a skirt that I have upcycled!

  2. Lol the perfect cat retreat!

  3. Oh wow! That is such the perfect fabric for him! Looks great too :) Lucky boy.

  4. Of course your cat will get on a quilt only when it can cover up some feature you want to photograph! I think the cat will appreciate the bird print.

    1. You are so right. The other time is when you are actually try to sew something and they decide that this will be the best place to sit!

  5. I would love to be your cat and sit on that, it looks like an awesome place to lounge.


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