Patchwork: Christmas Mini Norway

I have been desperate to make Thimbleblossom's Norway quilt for ages and bought the pattern some time ago. I don't have time to make the full quilt at the moment, but I thought that one of the blocks would make a good mini quilt which I could use on my Christmas table this year.

I am a big fan of Nordic Noir, such as The Bridge and The Killing, and I love the fact that the design looks like it has fallen off of one of Sarah Lund's big sweaters, and at the same time it looks very festive (snowflake?)!

I am linking in with this month's Le Challenge theme: Space - thinking about making space for guests at Christmas, space on the table and making a space look festive. However, I still can't decide whether I am brave enough to risk this having cranberry sauce spilled on it or whether I will hang it up in the dining room instead.

I still plan to make the full quilt at some point, but I am definitely going to buy some jelly rolls to make it from - it is hard work hand cutting all the strips!

Le Challenge 

Mrs Jones x


  1. Very pretty, and festive addition to your table:)

  2. Beautiful, I'd hang it! No cranberries for it! Decoration!

  3. It's lovely :) I'm not sure id brave it for lunch either

  4. It's lovely :) I'm not sure id brave it for lunch either


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