Make: 3d Reindeer Decorations

I thought I would share with you some inexpensive 3d Reindeer Christmas Decorations that I made with a group of people yesterday. The brief was to find a Christmas craft activity for people of all ages that can be replicated at home and at little cost (the original card I used was from the centre of a roll of wrapping paper). I found this wonderful template on Pinterest for 3d reindeer which is free to copy and share. However, I couldn't get it to print from my ipad, so used the idea to free-draw my own shapes.

Once you have cut your shapes you need two short pieces of straw between the three shapes to make him appear 3d. I added a button nose to mine, but you could also bling it up a little...

For more inexpensive Christmas craft ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

Love Mrs Jones x


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