In my Garden: August

Well the weather hasn't been too kind to us here in the South West this month, but it did mean that the last of my crops in my veg box have been watered well. I harvested the last of my salad onions earlier in the month and made a batch of pickled onions with them. My courgette is still flowering but unfortunately the slugs are enjoying the courgettes before I get a chance to!

All I have left are my tomatoes (I have been picking the cherry tomatoes but the big heritage cooking tomatoes have yet to ripen), some leeks and just emerging from the soil are some radishes. As I am still learning with the vegetable growing - does anyone have any recommendations on what I could sow now?

Japanese Anemone

Usually at this time of year my garden is looking a bit shabby, but with the addition of a few new plants and the maturing of some others, I do actually have some plants in flower!
As always, Atticus, my Maine Coon is a constant feature in my garden and he can't resist "helping"!

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. I love gardens. My tomatoes are looking good, but my berries are stopping. I am so not ready for winter!

    1. My blueberries (my only berries) were over some weeks ago now. I have to confess that I am a bit of a fair weather gardener!

  2. Atticus is lovely. My dad had a Maine Coon, called Wilson, he was unusual, he had an extra claw on each foot
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Wow, that is unusual, Julie. As a breed they have a wonderful temperament - he's like our third child!


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