Christmas Cake in 5 Easy Stages: Stage Four - Marzipan

So, the cake has been baked and fed, and now it is time to marzipan it. What you will need is a pack of ready made marzipan or almond paste and either some apricot jam or marmalade. As no-one in my house eats apricot jam, I opted for some of my home made marmalade.

Unwrap your cake and place on the board or plate which you will serve it on. I like to turn mine upside down because the bottom is always a lot smoother than the top.
Warm three tablespoons of jam or marmalde in a pan and brush liberally over the top and sides of your cake.

Roll out your marzipan onto a surface sprinkled with icing sugar, to the thickness specified on the packet. If you don't feel confident about getting one big piece to cover the top and sides, you can cheat and do the top separately, using the tin as a guide, and then adding one long strip around the sides. It will be covered by icing anyway!

With clean hands, smooth the marzipan round and trim the bottom edge with a knife to neaten.

You need to leave this for 24 hours before icing.

Love Mrs Jones x


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