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I had one metre of fabric to sew a summer skirt with, and I dearly wanted it to be the Box Pleat skirt from GBSB II, but with my new fatter, steroid induced waistline, it was not going to be. But, I refused to be beaten, and made up the Easy Sew Skirt from the same book instead, which, as its name suggests, was a doddle! 

I used this gorgeous cotton fabric from Moda's ABC Menagerie which I bought from Village Haberdashery - although it seems to be out of stock now, which has a random dottiness in this amazing turquoise. It produces a stiffer skirt to the recommended fabric, but I prefer it.

There is no pattern included in the pattern pack for this skirt, but it is easy to make, despite there being an error in how to draft it in the book! The correct measurements for the folded pattern piece are: top 17cm and bottom 22cm. Although, if you want a more flared vintage look, you can adjust the bottom edge by a few centimetres. 

Always better with a cat ear in the photo, thank you Atticus!
I confess that I did not cut out an additional waistband piece, but just turned the raw edge of the top over and then turned it over again to allow a channel for my elastic. It seemed an unnecessary step to me. I have also used French seams inside, because from experience, it is so much neater after repeated washing, especially if you hope to get a lot of wear from a garment.

So, what are you sewing at the moment?
Mrs Jones x


  1. Gorgeous turquoise! Very pretty, simple skirt. And I love the cat ear photo bomb. Hi, Atticus!

    1. Thank you! The skirt took less than an hour from drafting to wearing so a brilliant quick sew! My cat gets everywhere!!


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