Sewn: Lisette Souvenir Shorts

With so many good shorts patterns out there to try (think, Thurlow, Iris or Chataigne) I had a hard time deciding which one would be good for my first attempt at shorts. I went for Lisette's Souvenir Dress, Top and Shorts set because I also liked the look of the top. The fabric requirement was for just 1 metre of fabric!

As usual, I was across sizes in the hip and waist measurements (according to the back of the envelope, I am a US 12 waist and a US 8 hips)! I went for the straight size 12 though because I wanted to do French seams on the sides. The sizing is perfect.

Ha ha, I am sure no-one wanted to see my midriff, and tempting though it was to suck it all in, they fit lovely!

Does it look like the photo?
Yes - I think it does.

Nice and easy all the way up to the leg cuffs, at which point I made it up! It wasn't clear whether I was just hemming the edge or hemming the edge and creating a cuff. I did the later, then turned the cuffs out so the hem is the hem of the shorts.

Not the best zip insertion ever, but it's okay.

I used my own technique for inserting a zip, not the way the instructions went and because my zip was 8 inches rather than 7, I dispensed with the need for a hook and eye.

My only raw edge is the centre crotch seam which I have used a zig zag stitch on. Everything else is all neat and tidy with the French seams at the side - I can't tell you how proud I am of this!

I am really quite pleased with the way these shorts have turned out and I can't wait to wear them on my Summer holiday!

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Lovely shorts, I'll definitely consider this pattern. Is it an invisible zip or lapped zip?

    1. Hi, Catherine, I have just dug the pattern out and it is supposed to be a lapped zip.

  2. OK thanks, I'm not too great at lapped zips but practice makes perfect I suppose!

  3. OK thanks, I'm not too great at lapped zips but practice makes perfect I suppose!


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