Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case Review and Discount Code!

The Review
This week, I have been over at Mr Nutcase creating a custom phone case for myself using some of my own images of quilts that I have made. I love the idea of a personalised phone case, especially that can show off some of my crafting creativity. Mr Nutcase is an established brand of phone case suppliers and if you are looking for a custom iphone case (or most other mobile brands), then this is a great place to look. What is more, I have a discount code for you to get 10% off your case!

If you have photos already edited and cropped, the process of creating a phone case is super easy: select the make and model of your phone and what kind of case you require, then upload your photos and play with the layouts until you are happy. There are also some awesome pre-designed cases for sale and my son chose one of these for his ipod touch. I love Contrast Circles and Vintage Blue Floral - two patterns that would make great fabric!!

Unfortunately for me, I am due a phone upgrade and my current phone doesn't feature in the make and model list, although if you are in a similar position, you can contact Mr Nutcase to ask them to track one down for you.

The Verdict
My son's case arrived within two days of creating it which was brilliantly quick, especially in the run up to Father's Day. It is exceptionally light and fits very neatly onto the back of his ipod touch. He loves the feel of it. In a few weeks (post phone upgrade), I will be having another play on the site, but this time for my own case!!

For You
For a 10% discount off a case, use discount code: Thanku10

In exchange for this review, Mr Nutcase has given me one free phone case and a fantastic discount for you guys! All the opinions are my own and you can be assured that I would not recommend a product if I didn't think it was worth it.

Love Mrs Jones x


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