Lunch:: Carrot & Hummus Pitta

Carrot and hummus is my all time favourite sandwich filler and I had this for lunch every day for a week when I came out of hospital (I was craving that freshness)! Make your own hummus or buy one of the better ones in the shop, it really will make a difference to the taste. 

Carrot and Hummus Pitta
Prep time 5 mins. Serves 2

I like to serve mine with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a handful of crisps! To make this into a more substantial meal, you could also serve with some falafel.

Wholemeal pitta
Medium carrot, grated
Iceberg lettuce

1. Pop the pitta in the toaster on low. You may have to flip it to toast the other end, and be careful doing so as they get very hot!

2. Shred the lettuce and prepare your carrot.

3. Let your pitta cool down before slicing it through the middle and opening the pocket. Place your lettuce and carrot into each side and add a generous couple of teaspoons of hummus, pushing it right into the pocket.
To make your own pitta bread, see my recipe here.
Love Mrs Jones x


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