Fun Umbrella Straw for Summer Drinks

When I was a child, I used to love those fragile paper umbrellas that you would get in your drink or dessert. Here I have tried to recreate them, using a paint chart. This is a great fun activity for you and your children to have a go at this Summer.

You will need:
  • Some drinking straws 
  • Paint charts
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots
  • Hole punch
1. Draw a circle on your paint chart - I drew around a glass.

2. Fold the disc in half, open out and fold in half the other way so that you have four even wedges. Fold the disc in half two more times so that you have eight fairly even wedges.

3. With scissors, cut down one of these folds to the centre.

4. Use a single hole punch to make a hole in the centre.

5. Shape the edges to look like an umbrella. Scallops would look good too. Then apply a glue dot to one of the wedges next to the cut edge. Overlap the other edge and press until stuck.

6. Carefully push a straw through the centre of your umbrella and the look is complete! Pour yourself a refreshing Summer cooler and relax!

Love Mrs Jones x


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