Bake: Bourbon Biscuits

I love the idea behind making your own biscuit barrel biscuits, and have had some success in the past with some Nigella Lawson's custard creams. Today is the turn of the deliciously chocolatey Bourbon Biscuit featured in The Primrose Bakery Book. For once, I made no changes to the recipe, which is reproduced here by the Sunday Baking blog.

Unlike the custard creams which can be quickly made up in a food processor, these bourbon biscuits became a bit of a chore to mix, kneed and roll out as there is just so much of it.  

The biscuits take approximately ten minutes to bake and you will need as many baking sheets as possible. I think I had five or six batches going!

These biscuits would make a great present for Father's Day - stack them and present them in a box or cello bag.

I found the chocolate icing very runny, and blogger Confessions of a Teenage Baking Queen has made a modification for this.

They are absolutely delicious with a very intense chocolate taste.

Love Mrs Jones x


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