Introducing The Selvedge Valentines Card!

Selvedge: an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture 
that prevents in from unravelling

... in other words, it is the bit of fabric that gets thrown away at the end of a project! However, if you look at the selvedge, sometimes it is more than a white strip of fabric, and I have noticed a few projects popping up on Pinterest and the blogosphere where crafters have used the selvedge, for example, Vintage Ric Rac has used hers to create a magnificent dress.

With this in mind I discovered a tiny scrap of fabric which happened to have hearts on the selvedge - the Selvedge Valentines Card was born!

I have added a strip of fabric as a backing, which you can glue or sew on! If you sew, you may want to cover the stitching on the inside with a piece of paper.

I do confess that this is the kind of Valentines card that I would love to receive - nice and simple and Seamstressy!! 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Ohh clever, I'm off to check all of my selvedges now. I had never noticed the patterns before, so thanks for the lovely idea!

    1. Great, I am glad it has inspired you. I am now quite obsessive about checking them before throwing them away!


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