Coconut & Raspberry Victoria Sponge

I am looking forwards to Spring and Mothers Day with this lovely, moist Coconut & Raspberry Cake based on a Victoria Sponge recipe. This has been heavily influenced by some coconut & raspberry cupcakes that my colleague Sharon makes brilliantly.

To make, use a standard Victoria Sponge recipe and add up to 50g of dessicated coconut between the eggs and adding the flour (or if you use an all in one method- chuck it in at the time).

Spoon the cake batter into two sandwich tins and randomly push some small raspberries into one of the tins.

For the coconut buttercream: I soaked 25g dessicated coconut in some milk for about half an hour, then drained it and added it to a standard buttercream recipe. You may find this quite wet, so strain your coconut well and add more icing sugar if required. Alternatively, you could probably replace some of the butter with coconut cream (I haven't tried this method).

This butter-cream tastes sweet like coconut ice! I added some fresh raspberries between the layers as well as the coconut buttercream.

The perfect cake for Mother's Day tea?

Mrs Jones x


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