Half Square Triangle Quilt - Triangle Awesomeness!

I am in love with my crazy colour combination, and I really like that larger shapes emerge within the rows, and it has not been too stressful, this HST quilt of mine. Here is a little lesson in how you get started:

1. Four half square triangles.

2. Become two squares.
3. The two squares (right sides together) and pinned...

4....are sewn together.
5. And become a rectangle..

6. Don't forget to press the seams open with an iron as you go.

7. Add a square at a time until you get a row. Create the following row and sew together.

The completed patchwork was not big enough to create a quilt in its own right, so with the remaining white fabric, I created a border. With the added border, the quilt was 135 x 100cm, which is just the right size for throwing over someone who is feeling poorly on the couch, or wrapping round you when the sun goes down on a summer evening.

If you want to see the planning stage of this quilt, see here.  So, how do you feel about having a go now?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Half square triangles are a bit Marmite. I think it's the pressing and trimming that puts people off but once you've done that the hard works done. I love your quilt, it's bright, fresh and modern. Sue

    1. Sue, I think you are right that HSTs put people off - I know several people afraid to have a go. Thanks for commenting.

  2. A stunningly beautiful quilt. I love the colour combinations and plain fabrics.

    1. It is so nice to depart from prints in a quilt, and is something I think I will try again. Thank you for you lovely comment.

  3. What a lovely bright quilt and really clear tutorial. I love triangles too but I hate working with bias cut - I've found a few cheat methods that start off with squares and only cut into triangles after sewing together! I'm interested in how you press your seams open - I press mine to the side as that's what all the books say - do you find doing them open is easier to quilt?

    1. I always opened the seams on the the other quilts I have made, and didn't even think not to on this one. I only do very basic quilting (stitch in the ditch) as my sewing machine is also fairly basic. When sewing through the top and batting, I use a denim needle to cope with all the bulk.

      Thank you so much for commenting.


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