Half Square Triangle Quilt: Planning and Progress

You already know that I received the marvellous Big Shot machine for Christmas. Well, I bought some quilting dies ( 5 inch HST (half square triangle) and a chevron die, and I was desperate to begin a new quilt! It had to be bright, bold and modern with no prints to disrupt the eye.

The Colour Palette
I ordered my fabric from the excellent Fabric Rehab who I have used several times before. The colours aren't particularly true to the original images, (which is why you should always order a sample!), but I am not too bothered. I ordered a fat quarter of each of these, plus a metre of white because my original plan was to have one half of each square in white. However, some time spent with Pinterest later...

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...I settled upon a random pattern with some of the triangles forming larger triangles or shapes just to give it a bit of interest. So, having cut all my triangles out, I laid them on a large sheet to determine how I wanted it to look. Don't think that the triangles are uneven, they actually cut with an extra bit so when two are sewn together, it makes a perfect square.
It will need a border of some kind I think, but I am not ready to think about this just yet!

The first row is sewn, and I anticipate sewing all the triangles by this time next week!! 

Love Mrs Jones x


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