Fabric Ipad Mini Case Tutorial

I have been lusting over this ipad mini case from Joules but I am not keen on the price tag! But I couldn't shirk away from the fact that my ipad needs a case, and although I am perfectly capable of making a sleeve for it, what I want is a case that works like one you can buy from Apple!This is the result.

Note: As you see, the front of my case is not flat, due to the thickness of batting that I have used. Because I want a case that can also be used to prop the ipad up, the front also needs to be able to be bent into position. 

Cardboard (I used a shoebox)
Exterior fabric width 35cm by length 25cm 
Lining fabric 2 x width 18cm by length 25cm
Elastic, four pieces 
Batting 2 x 18cm by 25cm
Double sided tape
Sewing Notions

1. Cut out and iron all the fabric and set aside.

2. Cut three pieces of cardboard as follows: 4.5cm by 20cm, 4.5cm by 20cm and 3cm by 20cm.

3. Cut a further piece of cardboard 13cm by 20cm. Put this piece aside for now.

4. Apply double sided tape to one side of the smaller pieces of cardboard. Bear in mind that if the cardboard is highly patterned it may show through your fabric, so you will want the brown cardboard side next to the fabric.

5. Mark the halfway point (like the centre of a book) in your exterior fabric. This will then guide you on placement on the three pieces of cardboard. Stick on to the back (wrong side) of the fabric.This is really just to hold them in place while you stitch, so it doesn't matter how strong the tape is. You need to have an even gap between each piece of cardboard.

6. Place one of the pieces of batting over the cardboard you have stuck down and align with the edges. Pin or baste between the cardboard, then using a high stitch length sew as straight as you can in the spaces through the batting and fabric.

7. Next, use the pieces of elastic and pin them to the corners of one of the lining pieces. You may need to pop your ipad mini on top to make sure that each piece of elastic will hold it in place.

8. With right sides together sew the lining pieces together, this will sew two of the pieces of elastic into the seam. Press the seam open. Place the side with the elastic to the right.

9. Your lining should now be placed right sides together with the exterior fabric. Pin the two sides and top and sew. Clip the corners and turn out - it may be a little difficult because of the cardboard on one half.

10. Insert the large piece of cardboard and remaining batting to the right hand side. Trim the batting if required.

11. Sew one or two straight lines down the centre seam. This should hold the batting in place.

12. Tuck the raw ends of the fabric at the bottom and press, then pin. Ensure that the two remaining pieces of elastic are tucked in also. Either hand sew or carefully machine stitch this closed. If you are worried about the elastic holding with hand sewing, then machine it!

13. Finally, run the machine down the gaps in the cardboard strips again so that it incorporates the lining. 
The Inside

14. If required or desired, you can add an elastic band as I have or add a tag with a press stud.

The rear

I will admit that half way through sewing this, I hadn't thought about how the elastic would fit, so this caused the ubiquitous seam ripper to come into play and a bit of fiddling!! 

By folding the front according to the cardboard pieces, it becomes an ipad prop!

Please feel free to ask questions, add in some suggestions, etc.

Mrs Jones x


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