What a wonderfully quiet festive period we have had here in Somerset, despite the downpours and gales! It was comforting having a cosy night in of game playing and film watching on New Year, even though I didn't make it past 10:45. 

I don't have any New Year Resolutions this year, but I have made a big wish list of things to sew, which is far more exciting than any resolution which frankly won't last anyway!! My To Sew List is heavily swayed by the three new Dressmaking books I have bought or been given over Christmas (but more about them in another post), and with the help of my new Big Shot, I am going to attempt to sew a couple of more complex quilts (I have a chevron die and a half square triangle die on order). This list is more of a moveable feast than written in stone - they are just things I desperately want to get on and sew!

  1. Meringue skirt : Colette Patterns (within The Colette Sewing Handbook )
  2. Sureau dress: Deer and Doe
  3. Esme top: Sew Liberated
  4. Kelly skirt: Megan Nielsen
  5. Iris shorts: Colette Patterns
  6. Jacket with Corsage : Clothing for Everyday Wear book
I would love to know what you are planning to sew/create this year. 

Happy New Year to you all,
Mrs Jones x


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