Paper: Holly Dymo Christmas Cards - yes really!

This weekend, I started on making my Christmas cards. It does seem early to do this, but I do need to make a fair few (am I the only one whose Christmas card list gets bigger every year)? I used to make my Christmas cards every year, but haven't done so for two or three years.

I like my Christmas cards to be simple, because, believe me, you will be cussing when you get to the last car if you make it too complicated. Complicated cards need to be start much earlier in the year!

I like to use a small card from Papermania that has a little texture to it. These are A6 and cost around £3 for 10 cards and envelopes.

I have a small stash of patterned papers, from which I chose two contrasting greens and a red card.

This sweet holly paper was left over from the Christmas crackers that I made in 2011! I paired it with a brighter green holly leaf.

Using a one hole punch, I got my lovely red berries.

Looking a bit more festive! Let me at the Dymo...

That's better! Simple is best... and this is all that was required:

Are you making or buying your Christmas cards this year?

Love Mrs Jones x


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