Thirty Minute Make: Fabric Pumpkin

Fabric pumpkins are all over the web at this time of year in the most wonderful colours and sizes. Here is my take on this ubiquitous Halloween decoration.

Bizarrely, you start with a rectangle of fabric (this can be any size, but for your first one, a good size is 30cm by 15cm):


Fold right sides together, and sew the short end, so that you create a fabric band.

Next, select your longest stitch and sew along the bottom, leaving the thread ends loose for gathering.

Gather the bottom as tightly as you can and use the loose ends to wrap around and tie tighter.

Turn the fabric right side out (your gathered end should be tucked neatly inside.) Add stuffing to flesh out the pumpkin.

To gather the top, you can either hand gather and secure with thread or an elastic band, or sew a running stitch and gather. I had an orange  hair tie, so  used this and secured the extra fabric over the top.

Next, with some embroidery thread in a contrasting colour, run the thread between the top and bottom, making a stitch at each end, and thereby creating a pumpkin shape.

Insert a cinnamon or regular stick and use fabric glue to add a fabric leaf.

Love Mrs Jones x


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