Sewn: Everyday Tunic : venturing into sewing with knits

I am a little bit braver than I was - I have now sewn with knits! I do understand that they are not straightforward to sew with, but I have scoured the web for snippets of information on

sewing knits. I don't have a serger, just a fairly basic machine. Once you understand how knits work, it can open up a whole new world of sewing opportunities.

So my first project was the Everyday Tunic from Sew What You Love  by Tanya Whelan. Luckily, I had already traced the pattern onto some paper, because I can't find this particular pattern sheet anywhere in my house now!! The beauty of this, especially as a first go at knits is that there are only two pattern pieces - no easing of sleeves or anything so complicated.

I bought some really nice medium weight cotton jersey from Ditto Fabrics, in a flattering navy pinstripe. Ditto is a fabulous resource for dressmaking fabrics.

I used both a narrow zigzag stitch and a straight stitch for the side and shoulder seams, and a tiny zigzag stitch for the neckline and for hemming the bottom of the tunic. I found the end of the sleeves most difficult to neaten as they weren't big enough to fit around my sewing area on the machine.

The finished top was really too long for me, but by lopping a bit off the bottom and re-hemming, it is fine. It is still quite baggy considering I used the small size, but if I wear it to work, I will probably add in a belt.

Sorry about the photos today, my phone won't talk to my computer and I am hopeless at taking selfies!  How confident are you at sewing knits?

Love Mrs Jones x


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