Make a Cake Stand - French vintage style

I promised this tutorial when I got back from France about three weeks ago, so, sorry its late. One of my absolute favourite shops in France is Maisons du Monde (along with Joue Club which is a fantastic toy shop, and, a recent discovery, Buffalo Grill where you can feed five people a three course dinner and drinks for £45!). Since discovering this wonderful brand, six years ago in Cholet, I have been hunting the shops down whenever I go.

I digress. So, I bought this beautiful plate in the Flers branch, knowing that this was the exact plate to transform a candle holder into a cake plate. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a long time, but I could never find the right plate. This is a a deep eau de nil with a scalloped edge, very French Vintage Style.

Before attaching my candle holder to the base, I made some marks with a pencil, in order to find the centre.

Next, I wiped both surfaces so they were clean, dry and dust free. I used super glue around the rim of the candle holder ( the rim is part metal, part wood). I used the glue sparingly but evenly. Wear disposable gloves if you are a bit messy - I put one on my gluing hand but still managed to glue myself to a yellow duster with the other!!!

Then with the plate upside down, I positioned the candle holder on making sure that there was an even gap around it. I pressed it down a little and then left it to dry.

And here is the finished cake stand. 

I am not sure how well the super glue bond with fare over time as it is a brittle bond, but I have read that Gorilla Glue might work too. Two sad little meringues are all I had to put on it!

Love Mrs Jones x


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