Cropping my Marmande Tomatoes

At one point this summer, I thought I was destined not to crop any tomatoes. I have two pots of a lovely French beefsteak tomato called Marmande, and even though I regularly watered them and gave them a weekly feed, I got blossom end rot on some of them and had to bin about six tomatoes. Luckily, my mum, who has very green fingers, took them under her wing when I was on holiday, and they have come back looking very good indeed.

So,  what should I use them for? Do you know any good recipes for beefsteak tomatoes that you would share with me?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Hello Mrs. jones. That's my maiden name : ) I am not much of a tomatoe person, but I find that eaten with a salt shaker is best.

    1. I am not much of a raw tomato eater either, unless they are warmed by the sun on a windowsill and eaten in a salad. Thanks for your comment Carla.


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