Strawberries & Cream

Who could resist such a summery dessert? Sweet chewy meringues topped with whipped cream and warm strawberries, a dusting of icing sugar and a spun sugar decoration.

This was my first attempt at spun sugar - I used 100g sugar to 2tbsp water and you can increase/decrease in this ratio. Once the sugar has dissolved you whack up the temperature and boil it until it turns a caramel colour. Then plunge the pan into a sink of cold water and using a fork and some already prepared sheets of baking parchment or similar, fling the sugar solution vigorously on your fork so it creates a fine hair like substance. You can do it over a rolling pin and slide it off once you are finished and arrange carefully over your dessert.

I think I may have ruined my pan though I'm told you just need to pour boiling water in.

Enjoy summer,
Mrs Jones x


  1. This looks amazing! I really want to try spun sugar :)


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